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Generation Equality Forum – Mexico

The Generation Equality Forum will kick off in Mexico City 29-31 March 2021, hosted by the Government of Mexico. Registration is now open at this link, and an FAQ about the event is available here.

With civil society at its core, the Generation Equality Forum Mexico Forum will reinforce the power and voice of feminist movements and youth and the commitment and action of different stake holders, including high level representatives from Member States, the private sector and international organizations.

By analyzing progress and gaps since the 1995 Beijing Women’s conference, including the heightened urgency posed by the COVID crisis, the vent will make the case for strengthened intergenerational and transformative feminist leadership and accelerated action on gender.

As the kick-off for the Generation Equality Forum journey the event will:

  • Launch the work of the Action Coalitions, and their calls for action for urgent implementation and investment
  • Develop a multilateral feminist agenda to sharpen the Generation Equality Forum vision towards Paris
  • Integrate the formation of a multilateral alliance of countries to promote the gender equality agenda

The event will include a series of dialogues that will address the structural and systemic obstacles that prevent full gender equality and the human rights of women and girls. It presents a historic opportunity to promote the full implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, is aligned with the feminist foreign policy promoted by the Government of Mexico.


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Generation Equality Forum – Mexico

Date and time
March 29-31, 2021 12:00 AM EDT
  • Forum
Issue Area(s)
  • Gender Equity
  • Mexico City , Mexico