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Women in Global Health: Security High Level Summit

Women in Global Health is partnering with Wagner Foundation and Foreign Policy to deliver a high-level digital summit during the UN General Assembly. The Women in Global Health Security Summit will amplify the voices of women, with a particular focus on women from low-middle income countries, that are leading the response to COVID-19. During the Digital Summit, we will announce commitments from institutions and individuals and pledges from governments that will further gender parity in global health security during COVID-19 and for the future of pandemic preparedness.

This Digital Summit will gavalvanise commitments towards gender parity in global health security from organizations, institutions, research bodies, foundations and networks, and support the reaffirmation of pledges towards Sustainable Development Goal 5 from governments. It will also offer individuals the opportunity to make personal pledges as we understand that change requires actions at the political, institutional, community, interpersonal and individual level. The commitments and pledges will be announced in the build-up to and during the Digital Summit on the 17th of September.

Please join us in confronting the power and privilege that undermine global health by preventing women from contributing equally to the ght against challenges like this pandemic.


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Women in Global Health: Security High Level Summit

Date and time
Thursday, September 17, 2020 9:00 AM EDT
  • Conference
Issue Area(s)
  • Gender Equity
  • Online Event